The story of Yana and Katya`s mentorship: a decision that changes lives.

The story of Yana and Katya`s mentorship: a decision that changes lives.

June 30, 2015 2:13 pm

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The story of Yana and Katya`s mentorship: a decision that changes lives.и

It is a story of Yana and Katya`s friendship. Yana has been Katya`s mentor for several years, because Katya was left without parental care.


Katya is on the left, Yana is on the right.

The story got started four years ago, when the girls met for the first time in a children`s summer camp. Yana`s wish to become Katya`s friend appeared during their acquaintance. Yana knew. how important it is for a child or teenagerto have at his side a man, who could hear out, sympathize with his emotions, give advice, encourage and inspire. A wish to see each other and to communicate happened to be mutual. Soon Yana visited mentorship conference in Kiev, where importance and effectiveness of communicating with a child “hand to hand” was emphasized.

“My life experience – Yana says – confirmed that the most valuable things that people can share with each other are tendance, care, involvement in each other`s lives, acceptance, approval, love. Every man needs it, especially orphan children.”


The first acquaintance, meetings, affection, friendship – it is a lifelong process. Yana shares her experience about how Katya became a part of her life:

«After the first meeting Katya seemed to be wise and acute beyond her years for me. It is really so. She has a complicated fate. She became an orphan being a young child. A part of her childhood she lived in a foster home, but in growing-up years she came to a boarding school again. Nevertheless, she was benevolent, active, outer-directed; she wrote poems and stories, amazing with their strong sense. She is still the same. I hope she will write a book and share her story.
We are acquainted with each other for 4 years. Katya changed in this period very much. First, she grew up. Now she is not a teenager, but a 19 year-old girl. She finished school, left the orphan home, entered a medical college, started to live independently. At every stage she had to make a responsible choice. Of course, helping to determine with actions in any situation, we wanted her to study not to be afraid to make serious decisions. We wanted Katya to bring herself to make a step into a individual life, understanding that near her are close and still accepting her friends. And she managed. During this time Katya became not only a part of my life, but a part of my relatives` life.


Now it has come a new life stage, with many new pressing problems: way of life, budgeting, studying, time management. Of course, there are new thoughts about relationships, family, friendship. I`m very glad that she tells me about her successes and failures, thoughts and experiences, and I`m glad that she became so responsive, benevolent and outer-directed».

Yana said that she increasingly realized how “a man needs a man”, communicating with Katya. It is so important to share with what you have, especially with attention, sympathy, easy life experience. The story of Yana and Katya`s friendship shows, how sincere and grateful a man can be, despite the circumstances.
Today the story of their relationships passes into a close friendship and still develops. A once maid decision to enter an orphan-child life and make him a part of one`s life can change the whole fortune. Mentoring is a decision that changes lives. It is not easy to do, but you get more than you can imagine instead.

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