1 year of «Knitting Friendships»

December 29, 2015 9:47 pm

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1 year of «Knitting Friendships»

Just over a year ago none knew about the mentoring projects. This idea appeared in hearts of people who wanted to make changes in society and improve orphans statistics in Belarus. And nothing can prevent the dream become true.

1 год

And we made it! It all started from voluntary trips to orphanages. Communication, getting to know children and administration of the childcare organizations. Those trips didn’t stop but became more frequent. And team of volunteers became bigger. Next step – naming the organization «Knitting Friendships»!

After having visited a conference related to mentoring projects called “One Hope”, the team came out with the idea to bring mentoring to Belorussian people. And to give orphans a chance to become equal members of society, who could live a decent life, and maybe one day would like to become mentors for children without families.


There was one important event that supported our team – participation in “Social Weekend”. This is a competition of social projects in Belarus and “Threads of friendship” got People’s Choice Award and a grand.


The organization of social adaptation for orphans called “Threads of friendship” was registered on July 31,2014.

Lawyers and representatives of Pactum company provided irreplaceable help with paperwork. In March 2014 organization got it first finance support and office where informational meetings and trainings are held.


Minsk typography «АКР» was extremely helpful. Thanks to them Minsk residence and guests of the city are able to get information about the organization and project from the booklets.

Summing the work of organization for the year we want to thank everyone who helps us. Every contribution matters. Today people get information about us from newspapers, TV and radio. TV channel ОНТ, БТ and Белсат ТВ. We get informational support from news portal 21.by, web pages КуКу and Citydog, from our close friends and partners Талака and radio station Радиус FM.


During the existence of the project 236 people took part in informational meetings, 41were interviewed by the psychologist, 38 got the mentor certificate, 3 contracts were signed with orphanages and an executive office of “Threads of friendship” was established in Brest.

We want to evolve and be recognizable in the whole Belarus. Not because it is prestigious and significant for every organization, but because we know that we can make important changes to our society and we are doing our best for it.


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