“Knitting friendships” participated in program PRIDE

“Knitting friendships” participated in program PRIDE

December 29, 2015 9:52 pm

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“Knitting friendships” participated in program PRIDE

In August employees of “Knitting friendships” participated in program called “Training for candidate to become foster parents or adoptive parents. PRIDE model ”. This training was organized by representatives of International children’s Foundation in the republic of Belarus and it covered not only introduction to the program but also training for trainers.

PRIDE model is concentrated on involvement, preparation, assessment, selection and further professional development of foster and adoptive parents. The name of the model comes from the English abbreviation PRIDE that means Parent Resources for Information, Development, Education. Today in 15 countries including Belarus social workers use this adaptive model in their work.

This training program gives knowledge and skills to potential foster and adoptive parents that can help them to satisfy children’s needs in protection and development.
There are many positive aspects the program can give:
importance of communication between child and his biological parent;

more chances for child to come back to biological family;
understanding of principle “Family for child not child nor family”;
two-sided estimation that can help to reevaluate inner values and analyze own experience of parenting.

Our employees acquired new skills and and exchanged experiences with many social workers. Now people who took this course can organize trainings for those who want to become a potential foster or adoptive parent. They say that you can’t be taught to be a parent but we we shown the opposite. This can be learned.

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