About Mentoring

A mentor is a caring adult friend, who devotes his time to the child or teenager. The purpose of mentoring is to help teens find their place in society, develop their potential and use their strengths.

77973711Most of us have had significant people: coaches, bosses, teachers. These people have influenced our choice of values and of life. They were an example for us, advocates, advisors, and, well, friends. A mentor integrates all these functions. It is important to understand that he performs many roles in the relationship with the child.

 For a successful interaction the mentor should:

  • Have an earnest desire to communicate with the child or teenager
  • Respect the child or teenager
  • Actively listen
  • Demonstrate empathy
  • Search for solutions and opportunities
  • Be flexible and open

During your communication with the child or teenager, you will certainly see your positive influence on a child’s life. You’ll also learn a lot about yourself, too.

Mentoring brings special benefits.

 As a Mentor you will:

  • Provide a positive impact on someone’s life
  • Find out many new things about yourself
  • Give and at the same time invest in the future
  • Simply have a good time

Mentoring helps, because it guarantees a child that there are people who are concerned about him/her. The child is not left alone with his daily problems. Mentors help to raise self-esteem of their children and teenagers.

A young person  who meets regularly with his Mentor has a  46% less chance to initiate the use of drugs than their peers, and is 27% less likely to use alcohol. (Sociological research held by the organization “Older brothers and sisters”). Mentors part of the team of caring adults surrounding the child.

If you think that you may be a good Mentor – GREATE! We have information for you. Please understand that due to security concerns, we will need a little time to process your application. After all, our goal is to protect and love the children and that starts with selecting the right mentors!

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