About Project

The Institution «Knitting Friendships” (russian name of the organiazation literally means «Threads of Friendship») is focused on helping orphans and children left without parental care.


The problem of orphans is very relevant in  Belarus. According to the National Statistical Committee of the Republic of Belarus, as of January 1, 2015  the country has 28 000 orphans and children left without parental care. 15% of them are brought up in institutions.

This category of children is provided with a varied work. Currently, there are many volunteer organizations that visit  orphanages. They organize various events for kinds. However, if we want to solve real problems of orphan kids  it is not enough  to visit an orphanage with  the performance or presents one time per year or  month.

Orphans are mostly  provided with clothing, food and shelter. However child’s life could be changed deeply only if we devote 2-4 hours per week  and  become his or her  «elder brother » or «sister».  We  should simply support the child in all matters in order to develop his talents, encourage and reward him or her for good deeds, marks and other achievements. Hence adequate  loving adult  is the one who orphan child really needs!

Great number of  children is in orphanages now, and most of them have almost no chance to be adapted and be in the family. This applies especially to teenagers. Personal support of loving mentor  is kind of  «lifebuy» for orphan child. It will help kid  to feel that he or she is really precious. Moreover it will help to get experience of long term, regular  and developing relationships.

Currently we need volunteer mentors. Coordinator supervises the work of mentors, psychologist making couples child-mentor  and help mentors to deal with difficult issues .

In The Ukraine there is a similar organization «One hope». The leaders of this organization is ready to cooperate with us in order  to provide us with materials for work,  conferences  and so on.

To become a partner or volunteer mentor fill online  form so that we can contact you.