It’s hard to choose chorus pedals for shoegaze from hundreds of products. Choosing the BEST chorus pedals can be hard. There are so many options. Every pedal manufacturer claims their pedals are the best, and you have no idea where to start.

Choosing the best chorus pedals for shoegaze is not an easy task, but our review will help you get a general idea. Choosing the wrong chorus pedal can have an everlasting negative impact on your tone. Worse still, if you choose a bad brand of chorus pedals for shoegaze you might not be able to find replacement parts or repair shops.

Our team has worked on this review of the best chorus pedals. We’ve explored many customer reviews and features of each product and selected the top 5. Well here is a list of some of my favorite chorus pedals as well as some notes on how they sound, feel and look. I have broken it down into three subcategories in order to make things easy for those looking for something specific. Having an affordable price is one thing but we want you to be sure that your money will be spent wisely on high-quality products.

Donner Tutti Love: Best Chorus Guitar Effect Pedal for Shoegaze

Donner Tutti Love Chorus Guitar Effect Pedal Pure Analog True Bypass is a chorus pedal inspired by the chorus circuits found in vintage analog synthesizers and guitar preamps with simple operating controls, True bypass, high-quality audio grade components, and audio taper pots. The Chorus depth control gives the ability to go from mild to wild chorus effect.

Chorus is a subtle, wavering sound created from the combination of two or more sounds whose frequencies are nearly but not quite, identical. The effect can add a lush depth to any instrument ranging from strings, flute, organ, synthesizer, or even lead guitar and vocals. The standard modern implementation of the chorus is a multitap delay with short delays and feedback control.

This is a real tube-driven analog pedal known as the best chorus pedals for shoegaze. The pedal was founded on the famous German-designed EF86 tube which is originally used in the coveted vintage Echoplex tape delay units, and the transformer-based circuit captures almost all the characteristics of the celebrated unit.

Donner Tutti Love Chorus is a true bypass guitar effect pedal that features a rich analog tone that will add depth and texture to your sound. With two separate level settings and an analog dry signal, you can fine-tune the volume of the chorus effect to your liking. Don’t be afraid to experiment with using other pedals with this chorus pedal!

This is a digital stereo chorus, featuring very low noise tracking with sweeping analog chorus modulation. The Tutti Love gives you the best of both worlds: a true analog, a chorus-modeling effect that sounds organic and natural, unlike the darkening and thickening effects of typical octave pedals.

The organic true-analog sound combined with the deep sweep of the LFO creates an amazing depth for creating rich organ and synth tones, even violin and sitar-like sounds.

Shoegaze JHS Pedals 3 Series Chorus (3SCHORUS): High Rated Chorus Pedals

The JHS Pedals 3 Series Chorus is a small enclosure chorus pedal built with Keeley Mod, Tails, and Reverb. Since its inception, the Chorus has been a standard effect in many stages rigs. perfect for shoegaze, ambient or psychedelic music. Works great for guitar and other instruments too! This is JHS Pedals’ first foray into the Chorus territory.

We took the concept of making a chorus pedal as in-depth as our distortion pedals and applied it to this 3-in-one chorus, flanger, and Vibrato pedal. The JHS 3 Series Chorus pedal features a ton of control, with a depth and level to make any shoegaze singer-songwriter happy.

This is an update to our widely popular 2 Series, which has garnered the reputation of being one of the most in-demand chorus pedals on the market. The 3 series is also loaded with features such as true bypass, a completely isolated and regulated effects path (with 9-volt battery option), and low loss buffered bypass switching.

This is the most pristine analog chorus for a lush, rich sound that will turn a clean amp into a sultry, jet-engine of tone. It is designed and assembled with the highest-grade components available and uses custom Accutronics reverb tanks for superior reliability. A highly adjustable sweep ranges from subtle to intense with an incredibly accurate rate at 800mS.

With all this, the circuit is still very quiet and will not distract from your playing or become an annoying sonic character in the mix. This little black box will change the way you play and allow you to place notes in a way that makes it seem like they’re moving around you. If you plan to use this pedal for shoegaze, please go to, select other sellers and search for JHS Pedals 3 Series Chorus.

Behringer UC200: Ultimate Stereo Chorus Instrument Effects Pedal for Shoegaze

The future-proof BEHRINGER UC200 ULTIMATE Stereo Chorus Pedal is a multi-effector pedal featuring classic stereo chorus, long delay, and a noise reduction circuit in a rugged metal chassis. Based on the latest Ultra-HDDA™ CORE from BEHRINGER, this pedal will become your one-stop solution for not only guitar but also keyboard players for easy stage sound adjustment.

This chorus pedal is the ultimate tool for creating warm, richly textured, and highly defined stereo sounds. With its two sets of controls and two separate LFOs, the UC200 gives you an amazing degree of sound sculpting flexibility.

The Stereo Out mode allows you to take advantage of the unique HBS (Harmonic Balance Stabilizer) feature while the traditional Chorus mode lets you create special effects such as Leslie-type warbles and swoops. The Ultimate Stereo has fallen in with the rest of the Ultimate series under Behringer’s direction.

This pedal offers 2 separate voices for true stereo or one voice, mono compatibility. Now you can create that thick, panoramic sound with the swirly, rhythmic wash of two identical signals in perfect harmony. The stereo shut-down function allows you to instantly cut the dry guitar signal while the effect signals continue to play and feature all the versatility and convenience you would expect from a world leader in sound reinforcement equipment.

The small but powerful Behringer UC200 delivers that desired chorus pedal sound without taking up much space on your pedalboard. Serving as a stereo unit, this pedal can be used by guitarists on both the left and right channels. The UC200 is equipped with Intelligent control, Dry Out and Gain controls, low-Gain mode, and Mix control.

 Koogo Chorus Pedal: Top Quality Analog Chorus Pedal For Electric Guitar

Koogo Chorus Pedal Analog Chorus For Electric Guitar & Bass is the best choice for you! Made of high-quality material, this pedal will give you a wonderful performance and keep working for years. It has wonderful cool ocean sound, which is great for now popular genres such as pop, rock, jazz, country, and so on. It is the best of chorus pedals for shoegaze!

This is the perfect gadget for shoegaze. The bass mode delivers rich bass sound. By adjusting the depth, tone and volume knobs of Koogo chorus, you can create many different sounds from soft and warm clean to heavy overdrive or various modulation effects, which excels on clean electric and acoustic guitar tones as well as electric bass. You will enjoy playing in bed with Koogo chorus.

It gives a warm, thick, ambient, and lush tone to instruments. Koogo pedal is made of high-quality material, durable enough to use for a long time. This analog chorus has three new ranges of frequency sweep so that it can create new kinds of sound effects. Chorus is a nice effect to add to your guitar sound.

A chorus pedal creates a thick, lush sound and is useful if you use single-note lines or play chords. This Koogo Chorus Analog Chorus Pedal comes with all the essential controls: rate, level, depth, and effect (chorus/vibrato). The guitar pedal comes with an on/off stomp switch which is useful when turning the effect on and off during playing so as not to continuously be switching between the two sounds.

The pedal makes it easier to hear what you are doing when playing. This allows you to create the exact chorus sound you want! Traditional analog chorus effects add depth and dimension to your playing with lush, slightly detuned, haunting tones that blend perfectly with your original signal. If you are tired of digital melodies with chaotic effects, Koogo has the solution for you!

Donner Multi Guitar Effect Pedal: Alpha Cruncher 3 Type Delay Chorus Distortion Pedal

The Alpha Cruncher is a versatile pedal that offers 3 effects in one. With a 3-setting selector switch, you can choose and combine any 2 effects: delay, distortion, and chorus. An ideal tool for shoegaze or noise-rock fans, the Alpha Cruncher can also be used as a boost or for an overdrive effect.

Alpha Cruncher is a multi-effects pedal that provides entry-level pedal users with an ideal solution for practicing, composing, recording, or playing live. This easy-grip pedal has three distinct effects sections labeled Drive/Dynamics, Delay/Modulation, and Chorus/Flanger with their unique sounds. The excellent value Alpha Cruncher comes complete with an AC adaptor.

This pedal blends lush chorusing with a smooth RTL (reverse-tape) effect to create a powerful yet warm chorus alternative, perfect for shoegaze or indie rock. The standard stereo audio output allows this pedal to be used easily with any amp setup. This Pedal is one of the best choices for chorus pedals here. With perfect sound and different types of effects, this best-seller thing is your key to success!

It delivers creamy choruses, rich analog-sounding delays, and harmonic distortion tones with clarity and definition. If you are on the lookout for the best chorus pedals for shoegaze, then you should check out the three effects in a single pedal- alpha cruncher 3, which is one of the best chorus pedals for shoegaze.

This allows you to switch on and off between different effects within a single pedal, thereby saving space on your pedalboard. Also featured are four ways of high impedance operation and true bypass switching. The Donner Alpha Cruncher was meticulously designed by a team of top musicians and engineers to be the “smartest” distortion pedal you have ever used.

VSN Guitar Chorus Pedal: Superb Analog Chorus Guitar Effect Pedal for Shoegaze

The Analog Chorus Pedal will give your tone an effect of the warm and clean chorus. The VSN Guitar Analog Chorus Pedal gives you the ability to create a rich, wonderful-sounding chorus and also offers independent control of the rate and depth of the effect, for a broad range of chorus textures. It makes playability more easily, also makes the sound more vivid.

This is specially designed for electric guitar and bass. It provides stereo output, super stereo chorus sounds with a variety of depth and speed control. It builds in the pure analog circuit which provides a warm and clean chorus.

An ideal dedicated pedal unit for your rig, its compact housing contains top-quality components that will provide that lush, luscious ’80s lush, luscious ’80s analog chorus sound to your rig. With the added benefit of True Bypass switching, which will not alter your signal when the pedal isn’t engaged, you can enhance your sound without creating any unwanted noise or distortion.

If you are going for a classic chorus effect, VSN Guitar Chorus Pedal is the right choice. It consistently delivers the warm and clean tones of the vintage chorus. VSN Guitar Chorus Pedal – Think warm, think vintage, think the ’80s. A warm and rich chorus tone where “cut-off” ranges from 0% ~ 75%, creating a depth of sound and character.

In short, you just need to play it and you will know why it has gained an incredible reputation in such a short time. VSN Guitar is a brand dedicated to manufacturing quality guitar effects, we do this for several years, and now is the best timing to introduce our products to our respected customers.

FLAMMA FS05: Multi Modulation Guitar Pedal Stereo Effects & Flanger Chorus

The best chorus pedals for shoegaze we sell are the FLAMMA FS05 Multi Modulation Pedal Guitar Pedal Stereo Effects Flanger Chorus Tremolo Phase Effects 7 Storable Slots 11 Modulation Effects True Bypass. The reason why these are among the best chorus pedals for shoegaze is simply that our top 10 list considered 25 qualitative aspects of the product,

combined through quantitative analysis, and compared against each potential buyers’ personal needs before declaring their final result. Expect nothing less than perfection, thanks to our no-nonsense review methodology. The Flamma FS-05 pedal is a great effects pedal with 7 slots to save your favorite settings.

The real number of modulations is unlimited because it can be used with the external trigger or external expression pedals (not included) which allow up to 8 storable properties and 2 presets of each effect. The pedal has 11 different modulation effects: chorus, flanger, phaser, tremolo, sweep, tap delay, tape delay, sine lift, pitch shift, vibrato, and BF-Delay (precise infinity-like modulation).

The FS05 is an amazing modulation pedal with 7 storable slots. The real-time modulation of the tuning perfects the chorus, flanger, phaser, and tremolo, giving you sound that no one else has. This pedal sounds great for bass guitars and guitars as well. You can use it with stereo systems, such as a DAW or amp with stereo effects inputs. Additionally, it has an innovative exterior design that is sure to please.

This product was made in LED’s in Japan and comes with a warranty for 1 year from the date of purchase. This versatile stompbox can mimic everything from a jet flying overhead to an old-style rotary speaker cabinet. With eleven different modulation styles including chorusing, flanging, phasing, tremolo, and vibrato you’re sure to find the perfect sound.

 Playwell Single Effect Pedal: Great Chorus Pedal for Shoegaze

The Playwell Single Effect Pedal is a compact and affordable pedal that’s designed to be run directly into a mixing board or amp. Whether it’s used as an applications pedal, or as a direct outboard option for a PA system, the Playwell delivers distortion-free control over volume. Designed for the modern age, the new Playwell pedal comes at a time when musicians are craving something different.

From the outset, our designers were inspired to create an effect that was easy to use and visually striking. It’s hard to put a name on the way some amps just sound great as their volume slowly increases. Play well pedals offer this effect for your guitar. The Playwell Single Effect Pedal is technically an analog chorus considered to be a staple in the shoegaze scene.

The pedal creates sounds that sweep and swirl around, creating a sound that has been described as warm and organic. It has an analog signal path, true bypass switching, an LED indicator, and a single input for plugging into guitars or basses. This is a boutique-quality chorus pedal designed to produce a lush, natural-sounding chorus.

Featuring a hand-selected analog IC and heavy-duty true bypass switching, the PRS Hi-Fi Chorus Pedal stands head and shoulders above the rest with its surprisingly affordable price tag. Compact, lightweight, right-sized, and packed with features, the Playwell delivers a solid tone at an exceptional value.

Built on a 15-year legacy of innovation, the one-knob Playwell is small in stature but large on performance. Whether you’re just starting out or expanding your gear arsenal, the Playwell gives you the tools to succeed.