Sports are physical, competitive games and physical exercises. These fill the human need to play, compete and exercise. All sports are possible competitively. This is just the primary difference between sports as a social venue for competition and sports as a physical exercise regime which develops life skills. The latter provides an outlet for social interaction while the former focuses on the physiological benefits. Some common physical activities associated with sports include running, sprinting, playing hockey, rugby, basketball, tennis, football etc.


Association football is a well-known contact sport. It has evolved as a professional sport with professional, competitive, financial and personal benefits attached to it. The game involves a lot of physical conditioning, muscular strength, speed, stamina and excellent agility and body composition which are required in the wearing and carrying of the right type of equipment. This requires players to be in good shape and form before they can commence with the training sessions.

Athletic games or sports involve an array of different types of physical activity. The most popular amongst these are basketball, cricket, football and soccer. While soccer has the highest popularity and influence in the world, cricket and basketball are the two major causes behind that popularity. All these sports require a lot of hard work, dedication and stamina from players.

Non-contact sports, such as table tennis, snooker, billiards, do not require much physical dexterity or agility. These games are played entirely on non-physical factors and are therefore not as demanding as their counterparts. Non-contact sports are enjoyed by people of all ages, for every class and ability. Children, especially those who are keen to participate in the physical aspect of sports, enjoy these games. Adults also take part in these games for the same reason and for the same purpose.

One can classify the sports into two categories: contact and non-contact sports. A sport is any physical activity that involves an interaction between two or more people. A sports competition is defined as any competition that involves two or more persons, for the purpose of achieving a particular objective. In comparison, international sports refer to any competition that involves teams of persons at a single destination.

Darts is one of the most popular sports today. It is a game that involves physical dexterity, finesse and imagination. dart throwing games require precision skills and the throwing of darts are part of the fun. International tournaments of darts are held internationally. Competitors not only aim to win but also to try to knock out their opponents and reach the finals so that they can become the best player or team in their field.