Sport (or sports) can be broadly classified into two broad categories. One is active sports and the other is passive sports. Active sports is generally any form of physically demanding sport that, through organised or casual competitive involvement, attempt to employ, develop or maintain particular physical skill and ability while offering entertainment to participants, and occasionally, spectators. These can be regular sports such as tennis, squash, basketball, rugby, hockey, golf and running, or sports which only require a minimal amount of physical exertion, such as weightlifting or swimming. A further sub-class of active sports is endurance sports, which includes such things as cycle racing, rowing, sailing and cycling. Passive sports refer to those activities which are undertaken for the purpose of leisure or recreation, but which require little or no active participation by the participants.


The two broad types of sports are categorized according to the degree of physical skill and participation required. In games of passive sports, such as hunting, fishing or running, skill and physical dexterity is not important because the participant is not trying to win, but merely trying to survive and accomplish an objective. Sportive events are those in which the participant is attempting to win, since it is the competition itself that tests his or her skill and physical dexterity. Examples of these would be chess, billiards, snooker and racing.

The physical exertion required in games of active sports requires a certain amount of speed, endurance and agility, as well as the ability to hit the ball or to catch the ball when it is in flight. Another key factor is the need for a reasonable degree of physical dexterity since most sports involve throwing, catching and blocking, and each requires an appropriate level of physical exertion to make it possible. Sports which combine elements of both sports are particularly interesting, as they can test a number of different mental and physical competencies at the same time.

One of the major categories of sports is endurance sports, which are usually equated with track and field events like long distance running, polo or other games of endurance. The common element that sets most endurance sports apart from other sports is the element of competition. As with most types of competitive sporting activities, professional athletes have proven that the ability to train rigorously and the determination to persevere through the challenges that they face will translate into successful sports careers. While it is certainly not possible to perform at a professional level in most sports, the same level of hard work and dedication that the professional athlete displays will serve athletes well throughout their careers, resulting in many rewarding athletic achievements.

Another type of popular sports is the contact sports, which are generally played by members of one team or another. Most common examples of contact sport events include wrestling, boxing, softball, football and lacrosse. Each of these sports requires a significant amount of skill, physical strength and athleticism, and their popularity among audiences around the world has only increased over the years.

Finally, yet perhaps most prominently, is motor sport. Motor sports, such as motorbikes, cars and go karts, are very popular with younger generations, as they are a great form of recreational and social activities. There are many examples of motor sport events around the world, including motor racing, endurance driving, drifting, and car rallies. These sports require an intensive level of physical ability, expert training and extreme mental focus to excel at. These sports can be incredibly rewarding for those who dedicate themselves to pursuing them, as they not only enjoy a great level of physical activity, but can also develop an incredible respect for motor sport enthusiasts and competitors around the world.