Health, as defined by the World Health Organization, is a state of full mental and physical well-being with no limitations. Various definitions have been used over the years for various purposes. It is the common perception that health is a physical state, but the way we define health may vary depending on our culture and experiences. People tend to think health is only in the body and the mind, but that is not true at all.


Our environment can be an enormous factor in good health or even in ill health. In today’s society, many people are more aware than ever before of environmental health issues, such as air pollution, toxic wastes and other forms of harmful substances that are around us everyday. These environmental factors can greatly affect our physical health. They can cause diseases, problems and sometimes even death. It has become more important than ever to take a close look at the effect that our environment has on us on a daily basis and what we can do to stop this from happening.

In addition to the changes in lifestyle and diet, there are some specific changes you can make to your lifestyle to improve your well-being. Exercise and good nutrition are extremely important for maintaining good health. These two components will increase your ability to reduce your risk factors for a number of illnesses. Exercise will help you live a longer and healthier life, while nutrition will make your body function better to ensure your wellness.

Spiritual Wellness Spiritual health encompasses the belief in a connection to a higher power and the ability to effect change in one’s life for the better. Spiritual wellness is closely related to physical wellness and involves the interplay of mind, body and spirit – three components that interact to affect one’s physical health. Illness, disease and physical pain are all caused by a poor state of mind and body. Spiritual wellness will enable you to find greater balance in your life, and as a result, you will be able to address greater problems in a more productive manner.

Healthy Lifestyle & Nutritious Habits To improve health, it is important to eat a balanced and healthy diet and to exercise regularly. You need to follow a good dietary plan and make sure you eat a variety of healthy foods. Staying active is also essential to good health, and will strengthen your immune system and your resistance to disease. Exercise can help you feel physically fit and eliminate stress. These habits will lead you towards better overall well-being and will also improve health.

Health Promotion & Social Determinants The way you live your life, and your values about life and health have an enormous impact on your health promotion and social determinants. Your relationships with other people, your work, your home, and your leisure time are important determinants of how you perceive and experience health. These determinants can result in health disparity, which can result in serious health problems if left uncorrected.