Sports (or sports) is any form of usually strenuous physical activity that, through organised or casual competition, attempt to employ, maintain, or enhance physical prowess and skill while also providing enjoyment to participants, and sometimes, spectators, who participate. Today there are hundreds of different types of sports. Some popular sports include ice skating, beach volleyball, horse riding, cricket, badminton, tennis, golf, motor racing, gymnastics, swimming, rugby, surfing, motor cycling, hockey, bowling, softball, hockey, motor racing, aerobics, surfing, snorkeling, sailing, horseback riding, curling, surfing, racing, snorkeling, diving etc. There are also several different kinds of equipment used for these sports.


Sport is a term used to describe physical exertion. Most commonly, it refers to physical contact sports like contact sports with other people. But the term can apply to any exertion of the body that relies on muscle power and that requires considerable amount of movement of the body, with or without the participation of other people. Sport involves an exchange of skills and physical exertion between competing teams or individuals. It may involve any form of competitive activity, including wrestling, boxing, gymnastics, fencing, weight-lifting, basketball, track and field, sailing, track cycling, hockey, softball, cricket, tennis, motor racing, football, motorbikes, motor cycle racing, sailing etc.

Professional athletes are considered as role models for many children, because they dedicate their lives to pursuing sports professionally, both in and out of the classroom. Sports help children to develop physically, psychologically, socially and emotionally. As most sports require repetitive movement and a lot of strength and stamina, children get into shape, become confident, learn to rely on their bodies, learn to accept help from others and mature physically and mentally. While sports help children to be individualistic, they also help them to develop their ability to work as a team and build character.

The word’sport’ is usually used in the context of an athletic competition, where it refers to a structured set of physical activities, often with an end goal. These may include games, competitions, and athletic events organized by an association or organization (such as the Olympics), or by the government (such as the NFL). Other definitions also consider a game as a series of interactions between people. A game can be competitive or non-competitive, based on rules established by governing bodies and/or teams. The definition also depends on whether the activity is physical or mental.

Children, at different ages, are naturally drawn towards participating in sports. Some sports help to develop healthy physical activity habits while others may encourage playing as a competitive activity. As a result, a wide variety of recreational activities exist, from racquetball and table tennis to basketball and softball. The physical activity nature of sports helps to promote healthy development of the heart, lungs and muscles, while helping to reduce weight, improve overall fitness and build confidence. For most sports, age is only a factor that makes participation appropriate for younger children or for those entering into physical competition.

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