Mentors’ stories

Nastya and Max — 3 years of friendship

«If I’ve never met Nastya I wouldn’t have the opportunity to play in best socker team of Belarus» — Max

Nastya is 26 years old, she works as a sales agent and for the past three years as volunteer in orphanages and boarding schools. She likes to travel.

Maxim is 16 years old, studying at the college of light industry to become insurance agent, he trains in the football club BATE Borisov. Maxim is fond of football, as well as running and working out.

Three years ago the volonteer’s team came to the boarding school and Nastya and Maxim got acquainted, they exchanged their numbers and called each other almost every day.After that they began meeting more often. Their friendship helped Maxim become better and he managed to achieve success in sport especially football. It was his dream to train in the football club BATE Borisov and every free minute he spend with a ball and Nastya helped him to go for sport. He was able to enter the college. Nastya also influence on his spiritual development.

Talking about future Nastya hopes that their friendship will be continued and after college he will go to the university. And certainly she will support him in football. Maxim wants to become a good football-player, graduate the college, then find a good job and create a family.