Our story

One of the biggest challenges that stands today in front of the public all over the world — is an constantly rising number of orphans: children which bring up without love and care of their parents. Unfortunately, in many countries of the world, including our country, we hear about the problem of orphans. All together these children which are about 163 million, would have created the seventh largest nation in the world — Nation of Orphans.

In The Republic of Belarus, children which bring up for various reasons without parents, are provided with comprehensive help not only from the state, but also by many people who are not indifferent to the problem of orphans.

Since 2009 our team of volunteers actively takes part in social work with children who bring up in boarding schools and orphanages in Belarus. Our attention is mainly aim at support in education, comprehensive development, vocation guidance and socialization of children.

The constant growth of the volunteer movement led to the creation of an organization with important goals for the development and formation of orphans in our changing world. Thus, July 31, 2014 was registered institution for social adaptation of orphans «Knitting Friendships». The main goal of the institution is the realization of previous experience working with orphans and the acquisition new, and the main direction — mentorship project.

Our vision is that every child which raising without support and love of parents today , independently of the age and individual characteristics, has a person, which is important for him and who is willing to devote his time, knowledge and strength.lAZBD0A1iPA

Dear friends, we are glad to cooperate with you.

Kind regards,

The Director of the Institution for the social adaptation of orphans «Knitting Friendships»

Artem Goloviy