A sports movie is an animated film genre which makes use of sports as the main theme of the movie. It’s a fictional production where in any case, a sport, player, or fan of a particular sport are heavily involved, and which rely on sports for their main plot resolution or purpose. As a result, there is often some degree of sports themed artwork and media. Many movies are based on actual players or matches. Some movies are made in parallel with sports and some are made entirely for fans of particular sports.


People watch sports through various means. Some people watch it on television, most likely through pay per view, while many others simply go to live sports events, either on TV through networks such as Sky etc., or live online through sites like YouTube. Sports are covered in many kinds of media across many kinds of mediums. There’s been a growing trend of sports writing too, which generally describes a kind of review of sports which describes the game or match in a critical and analytical way.

Young people who are generally not into sports tend to have low self-esteem. This might come from having had little exposure to sports, or from not having developed the skills or determination to succeed in sports, but it can also be down to not having ‘given’ themselves a chance. Many young people aspire to become professional athletes, or to be successful football, basketball, tennis, or volleyball players. As sports people mature, their self-esteem tends to rise and so do their abilities in sports.

A very broad definition of sports is one which involves physical contact, competitive gaming, or using the body in a specific way for competition. It might also be seen to include games such as chess, rugby and tennis, swimming and gymnastics. However, there are plenty more sports which involve different kinds of physical activity and where the winners are typically determined by the competition in terms of points. It’s very hard to work out how many sporting activities constitute a sport. Some sports, like cricket and rugby, are governed by laws and regulation whereas other sports, such as football, are open to interpretation.

Some people think of certain kinds of physical contact sports such as football as a kind of contact sport, with the rules looking that way. However, the term sports may also be used to describe non-contact sport such as fencing, billiards and table tennis. A major problem with the current definition of sports is the fact that some types of competition are entirely judged by skill and fitness whereas others are won through skill, timing or physical power. This leads to situations where what is considered to be a game of skill is in fact a contest of strength, for example. There are plenty of examples of this in sport, for example, the Olympics regularly features swimmers who are judged by their performance in the pool and not by their performance in the water.

When it comes to modern day definitions, football is probably the most widely regarded sport. This may be because football is largely about the physical activity of kicking a ball but it is also about the skills required to play such a game and the competitive aspect that many people associate with it. Other popular sports which feature a significant element of skill include hockey and swimming. As well as this, motor skills are also important in games such as cycling and horse riding but, as has been noted, there are many other sports that fall into this category.