Types of Sporting Activities

Sports are usually defined as a contact sport involving contact with another person. Many types of competitive athletics and some games that do not involve contact are also known as sports. A professional in a particular sport is generally referred to as an athlete. People who play sports professionally may also be known as sportsmen or competitors.

Many physical activities, including cycling, diving, swimming, weightlifting, tennis, golf, motor-bike racing and gymnastics, are considered to be part of sports. Professional archery and field hockey are examples of contact sports. A number of less competitive physical activities, such as handball, swimming, rugby, billiards and table tennis, are also considered to be sports. Many people play sports because of the competitive nature. For example, playing squash or table tennis to watch squash players hit the ball around a court is a good example of a sports contest.

The term sport can also be used to describe a physical activity performed in view of other people. It could be a competitive sporting event, or a competition for skill or physical achievement. Sport can also be used to describe a mental game, whereby mental challenges are undertaken in the course of a sporting activity to achieve a particular goal, for example, to win an Olympic gold medal.

Many people perceive that all sports require the participant to be in good health. This may be true for some forms of dancing, for example, but there is no clear consensus about whether or not bodybuilding, speed-dancing and weightlifting constitute sports. Many athletes take part in low-impact, aerobic exercises, such as swimming, cycling, jogging and walking. As the sport of cycling has become more popular, many people argue that it does not constitute a physical activity.

A main article in this series discusses the various definitions and distinctions that exist between sporting and spectator sports. A main article also looks at some common misconceptions about both types of sports. Finally, this main article discusses the impact of media coverage on the definition of sports, and how this can impact upon the definition of what constitutes a sports event or competition. The main article concludes by looking at the potential impact of changing attitudes and perceptions towards physical activity and physical activities.

This article has attempted to categorise four different types of sporting activities. In the next part we will discuss the definition of each. This is the first article in a series of articles that will look at the different definitions and classification of sporting events and competitions around the world. The purpose of this article is to provide a general introduction to four main types of sports. The fourth main article looks at the ways in which media has affected the definition of sports and their definition within the world of sport.