Sports have been played competitively since ancient times. Competitive games are organized by teams to compete against each other, to emerge as victors. In most organized sports, statistics of individual performance are carefully kept, and for more popular sports, that information can be widely announced or spoken about. The presence of spectators is usually crucial to the game, since without them, the game could not go on. In most sports, skills, agility and physical stamina are tested by running, throwing, catching, kicking, punching and wrestling games.


All forms of sports require exertion. Exertion means physical effort, whether it is from sprinting to kicking a ball into a goal. Sports, when practiced vigorously over a period of time, may lead to a form of competition, wherein the competitor is known as the Effortressurist, or the one who exerts the maximum effort. But competition in sports does not always translate into victory, since in some sports, physical exertion may not always lead to victory.

There are many definitions of sport that attempt to lay down its characteristics, as distinct from physical activity. But it is an international sports term that can apply to any sport with sports events. It may refer to a particular sport or to a particular style or technique of playing a sport. For instance, the definition of track and field may be described as a game in which athletes run, throw, kick or compete in track events. A sport may also be described as “any physical activity that uses tools and the application of physical power.”

There are many sports competitions around the world. Examples include the Olympic Games, World Cup Soccer tournaments, the Olympics, the Super Bowl, Formula One, the Olympics, the National Amateur Athletic Association (NAAA) and the Professional Football Sports Association (NFL, NCAA) to name a few. International sports competitions are held for example in China, Russia, South Africa, Japan, Australia, Germany and USA. In these international sports competitions, teams compete to win awards for the gold, silver and bronze. Competitors in sports contest may also use automated equipment to determine results or to measure the performance of an athlete.

However, many sports enthusiasts consider jogging, bicycle racing and weightlifting as a sport because it involves physical activity. These sports are frequently described as “soft” sports because the participants do not take a physical hit, instead the impact is felt during the motion. Many athletes and non-athletes consider golf to be a “soft” sport in the sense that players do not take a swing or a hit to the body. This is the main reason why golfers often do not incur serious injuries and they maintain a strong level of play for years.

Sports can also be categorized as competitive and non-competitive. Competitions that require physical skill are known as “competitions” while those that do not require physical skill are called “non-competitions.” Examples of sports that are classified as “competitive” include wrestling, ice skating, football, baseball, basketball and softball. Non-competitive sports include swimming, cycling, track running, motorboat racing, tennis and figure skating.