A sports movie is a film category which makes use of sports as the main theme of the movie. It’s a genre where a certain sport, usually a popular sport, is prominently featured, and that depend greatly on sports to some extent for their plot rationale or emotional resolution. To qualify as a sports movie, the movie must generally follow and/or incorporate some kind of common element between the sports. These elements can be a number of things, such as a set of players or a specific ongoing event. Sports which rely heavily on popular sport as a main element may not necessarily be successful, but those which have little or no connection with any sport can also be equally successful.


There are a few things about sports which make them particularly interesting to film. The first one is the element of physical activity. Sports are very often characterised by a physical aspect, as well as an element of competition among the participants. This physical activity is seen as an important part of the game, as many games have been won or lost because of a player’s physical condition. A sport with a competitive nature, on the other hand, may also involve aspects of skill.

Physical activity and competition is seen as both natural and necessary aspects of a sport. While it’s true that many sports which don’t involve physical contact can also offer psychological benefits, there’s nothing about a game like football which would suggest that being fit and strong automatically makes people happy. A sport’s success therefore often depends upon whether or not its participants are healthy, both in the physiological sense and in the psychological sense.

So if there’s something about a particular sport that seems to encourage people, why is this? Well, there are several factors at work. One is the element of competition. If you’ve ever watched a darts tournament, for example, you’ll quickly notice that the competition is fierce between players who all have great physical fitness. It’s also not uncommon for fans to cheer for their favourite player, regardless of their physical fitness. Sometimes, this can spill over into other sports; football fans in particular will often cheer for their team no matter what, no matter whether or not they’re as good as their favorite player.

Another factor at work here is that of mental challenge. A darts player may be quite sure that he’s going to win the darts game; but he’ll be putting himself at real risk, not only physically, but also mentally. And in many ways, a game of darts is also a game of mind. There are so many different factors at play that anyone who watches a darts tournament will quickly learn that there are countless possible winning combinations. That means that the potential for mental challenges are incredibly high.

Finally, we come back to the idea of the’sport’ itself. This is something that many people associate with football, and it’s perhaps the best known sports in the UK. However, it should be noted that the UK sports scene has a lot of diversity, stemming from things like rugby to tennis and track and field. Darts, too, has had a lot of history and growth since its inception, so it’s easy to see why it’s enjoying such a huge following. For many people, the lure of darts is the competition, the fact that it’s a completely fair game, and simply a great way to have a bit of fun.