Sports refers to the physical activity undertaken for recreation or for competitive purposes. It is also commonly used to refer to sports competitions. Sport is the physical condition of an individual brought about by his genetic make-up and training. Some sports involve physical contact such as soccer, tennis, swimming and track events.


Sport is generally defined as a physical activity which involves a high degree of physical exertion, including running or playing tennis. Many forms of outdoor sports and some games are known as sports. An athlete in a particular sport is also known as a professional. Many individuals also play sports regularly with their friends for recreational reasons. Most sports enthusiasts actively participate in organised sports events in pursuit of personal achievements, for fun or to build up stamina and strength. Many professional athletes spend a considerable amount of their time preparing for sport related events and compete in them for monetary and fame.

Most sports that are played professionally are governed by established and respected sporting organisations. These organisations are responsible for ensuring that fair play is observed during competitions. Many countries have national and international sporting programmes. Most sport related events are regularly monitored and governed by these governing bodies to ensure that fair play is promoted and encouraged. The most popular sports played professionally by men and women in the United States include American football, baseball, basketball, golf, softball, rugby and lacrosse.

In the United States, football is the most popular sport amongst teenagers while lacrosse is the most popular sport amongst high school students. American football is the most well-known sport, with approximately eighty percent of high schools participating in regular season football games. In terms of total attendance, American football comes second only to basketball. Lacrosse is the most popular sport amongst high school students in the United States.

International sports are growing in popularity. With many athletes are choosing to compete in the Olympic Games, sports enthusiasts from around the world are travelling to the host country to attend the Olympics. With the growth of globalization and the advancement of technology, the accessibility of quality sport has increased. Sports enthusiasts can now watch their favorite sports stars any time they want. International sports competitions are regularly held around the world, providing opportunities for participants to improve their athletic performance.

In many non-traditional cultures, including those in the United States and South Africa, it is common for people to participate in different types of physical activities and sports. For example, the Swimmer’s World and the National Lacrosse Association are non-physical sports that require players to wear protective equipment, such as diving helmets. Sports such as soccer, lacrosse, basketball and softball are physical contact sports where players clash head-to-head. Because of the differences between non-physical and physical sports and the differing regulations for each, it is important to consider the possibility of participation in international sports when planning a trip to another country. By consulting with an international sports exchange program, you will ensure fair competition for all participants.